How to measure your dog

The Four basic measurements of a dog’s body

The Length is the topline of your dog’s back, measured along the top of the spine from the withers (point A) – the high part of the back between the shoulders, where the neck joins the body, to the base of the tail (point B) where the tail joins the body.

The Girth of Chest measurement is taken all the way around just behind the front legs, generally just behind the withers (point C)  down and around the biggest part of your dog’s rib cage(point D) and back up the other side to point C.

The Neck is measured at the place where your dog’s collar would naturally rest* – from about the top of the chest (point E) to the withers (pointA) – this measurement is also taken all the way around.

Front Length
The Front Length is front of your dog's chest, measured from about the top of the chest (point E) to the biggest part of your dog’s rib cage (point D)

*note: for Sighthounds such as the Greyhound and some other long necked breeds, the collar is worn much higher, actually at the top of the neck below the head, but in measuring for coats and similar garments, the neck measurement for these dogs is taken lower than the collar, about midway between collar level and withers.

For dogs with short thick necks, such as Pugs, and dogs with a very full coat in the neck/chest area like Pomeranians, determining the neck measurement can be a bit tricky, you may want to use a neck measurement taken a bit lower than collar level (closer to the withers) for a more flattering fit.

Now you are ready to measure.

Have the dog stand nice and straight with all four legs spaced normally under the body and head and tail up. Then determine the corresponding points on your dog to the points on the diagram above.

Take each measurement a bit loosely
Make sure there will be room for your dog to move and breathe, but not too loose. You need the actual body measurements of the dog, not the dimensions of the finished garments.

Write down each measurement
Just to be sure, take a second measurements. Most dog apparel is not returnable, in order to prevent the possibility of skin diseases or parasites being transmitted to other pets. It is better to measure twice than be sorry!
When you are all done, be sure to give your dog an extra treat for being such a good model!

To measure
1. Take a flexible measuring tape and measure around the neck (the circumference) where your dogs collar would sit. Be sure to keep the measuring tape snug to the body, but not squeezed too tight.

2.Measure your dog’s circumference around the body from the top and around just behind the front legs. Make sure to measure the widest part of your dog's rib cage!

3. Measure from the base of the neck on the back (where the collar sits) to the base of the tail.

4. Measure from top of the chest, through the underneath of front legs, to the end of rib cage in center (solar plexus).

5. Check the size you need by cross referencing with the chart above!

How to pick a size your dog

Just like us, dogs in every breed come in different weights and sizes. Make sure to measure your dog before buying clothing online to make sure it will fit. Proper fit is very important for dog’s safety.

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If your dog does not fit within the size specs, not to worry! Contact us about ordering custom sized apparel for your buddy.